12, 2021
Interra and Heat-Sheet Vapor Barrier Detail

How Do I Detail Heat-Sheet Correctly in Order to Eliminate the Layer of Poly?

A popular feature of Heat-Sheet is that it can eliminate the need for a layer of poly/vapor barrier.  [...]
10, 2021
Concrete Polishing

Polishing Your Concrete Slab — Why You Should Consider It, And How to Get It Done

STW cutting Edge Carpenty Inc. talks about a unique, beautiful, yet often overlooked flooring finish — polished concrete.  [...]
09, 2021
Heat-Sheet Installation in 3 Car Garage

Demystifying Loads and Densities: How Much Load Can Heat-Sheet Panels Withstand?

Heat-Sheet radiant heating panels can withstand heavy live loads without significant deformation. See our convenient table to learn how to limit their deformation even more!  [...]
08, 2021
Heat-Sheet Installation

Elevating Home Comfort With Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Heat Flooring (RHF) systems offer far more comfort than forced air systems, radiators, and other popular heating methods. In this post, we'll deep-dive into all the reasons that place hydronic radiant floors at the pinnacle of home comfort.  [...]
07, 2021

Understanding PEX Pipe Sizing With Hydronic Floor Heating

Discover the different sizes of PEX tube, see how they are determined, and learn about the ideal applications for each size. Choosing the right size helps your hydronic radiant floor heating systems be as simple and efficient as possible.  [...]
06, 2021

How Heat-Sheet Helps You Meet R-Value Requirements For Heated Slab Applications

Regardless of your locale’s code standards, Heat-Sheet’s line of radiant floor panels offer a massive assortment of R-Values, compressive strengths, nodule sizes, and profiles for under-slab applications.  [...]
05, 2021
Heat-Sheet Up Close

How Radiant Floor Heating Installers Can Save Money With Heat-Sheet

Not only do Heat-Sheet Radiant Floor Panels help installers achieve real, tangible savings, it's also much easier on the crews' backs! See why these installers choose Heat-Sheet for their Radiant Floor Heating projects!  [...]
04, 2021

Installing Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating in a 1,500ft² Basement

Discover the 2 typical stages and essential factors that need to be considered when retrofitting your basement with Radiant Floor Heating. Read the full post to learn more!  [...]
03, 2021

How Does Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Discover the basics of hydronic radiant floor heating and see why it’s still the most efficient way of heating your home or building. Installing it can be quick and straightforward with these few Heat-Sheet tips.  [...]
03, 2021

A Quick Planning Guide for Your Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System

Heat-Sheet is tailor-made to make PEX tubing installation fast, simple, and back-pain-free! Read more to learn more about the install process, and remember — it’s always best to leave system sizing and installation to the pros.   [...]