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04, 2021

Installing Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating in a 1,500ft² Basement

Discover the 2 typical stages and essential factors that need to be considered when retrofitting your basement with Radiant Floor Heating. Read the full post to learn more!  [...]
07, 2020
New Vista Care Home - Heated with Heat-Sheet Radiant Flooring Panels

Heat-Sheet R-4: a Sturdy New Solution for Multi-Family Buildings

We originally developed our low profile R4 Heat-Panels for retrofit applications in which preserving ceiling height is a top priority. But what if we told you […]  [...]
12, 2019

Heat-Sheet Heavy: A radiant floor panel system like no other

Heat-Sheet Heavy More and more homeowners are choosing radiant floor heating. Offering a greater level of comfort and air quality, energy efficiency and not much maintenance, it’s […]  [...]