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03, 2021

How Does Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Discover the basics of hydronic radiant floor heating and see why it’s still the most efficient way of heating your home or building. Installing it can be quick and straightforward with these few Heat-Sheet tips.  [...]
03, 2021

A Quick Planning Guide for Your Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System

Heat-Sheet is tailor-made to make PEX tubing installation fast, simple, and back-pain-free! Read more to learn more about the install process, and remember — it’s always best to leave system sizing and installation to the pros.   [...]
01, 2021
Snow-Melt Installed With Heat-Sheet Heavy

Why You Should Consider a Snow and Ice Melting (SIM) System for Your Mid-Rise or Commercial Building

Snow and ice build-up can pose severe threats to your mid-rise or commercial building in a colder climate. Discover a safer, healthier, and cheaper way to rid your property of snow and ice!  [...]
11, 2020
Heat-Sheet on Basement Slab

Radiant Floor Rough-ins For Your Slab: A Simple Upgrade For Your Reno or Addition

Radiant floor rough-ins are a cheap, straightforward way to add both comfort and value to your renovation or addition. See how this simple upgrade leads to cleaner, healthier, and more efficient heating!  [...]
09, 2020

Does the Location of Heating Tubes Contribute to Heat Loss?

Radiant Heat Flooring (RHF) panel systems such as Heat-Sheet save up to 4 times in pipe installation labor. That’s how much faster it is to walk […]  [...]
08, 2020

Radiant Heat Floors for Health and Comfort

Radiant Floor Heating (RFH) is a healthier, comfier alternative to home heating, reducing allergens, and harmful particles.  [...]
06, 2020

Radiant Floor Heating: The Efficient Way to Heat a Home

They are quiet and comfortable. They do not dehydrate the indoor air. They do not spread dust and allergens around a home the way forced-air heaters […]  [...]
05, 2020

Install Your Radiant Floor Tubing 4 Times Faster with Heat-Sheet

Do you regularly install radiant floor tubing? Were you, or your crews, ever thrilled about an upcoming shift of laying pex piping?  As exciting as radiant […]  [...]
04, 2020

Radiant Floor Rough-ins – A Valuable Upgrade for Builders and Homeowners!

Simply replacing regular under-slab insulation with Heat-Sheet radiant floor panels is a cost-effective way to add purchase value to the homes you build. With significantly lower […]  [...]
04, 2020

Embodied Carbon in EPS vs. XPS

Heat-Sheet saves contractors a lot of time compared to the old way of laying PEX pipe over regular flat XPS insulation panels. That’s what contractors love […]  [...]